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Why Tankless Water Heaters?

  • Energy efficient to save you money!
  • Saves you space with its compact size
  • On demand hot water! Never get caught in a cold shower again!

How Tankless Water heaters Work

As hot water is required, the tankless water heater fires up to supply hot water on demand. Unlike an old tank water heater, the tankless unit has no storage tank and therefore, has no standby heat losses. Standby heat loss is the energy wasted by heating water only to store it in a tank. Significant efficiency is also gained from a tankless simply due to cleaner and better-controlled combustion. 

The result is endless hot water, 30%-40% higher efficiency and up to 80% lower NOx emissions.


What Our Customers Are Saying


I had Kyle originally install a whole house humidifier which was reasonably priced and install was solid and professional. Next up was a tankless water heater, enough to run 3 showers at once, and a buffer tank to speed up initial hot water delivery. Kyle did a great job on this and we were very happy with our natural gas savings which we noticed immediately on our next bill. I was so satisfied with going tankless I had him install one for my business. The last job was a Goodman furnace repair which he did perfectly and on time. He also did two repairs that Enbridge said were needed and red-tagged us for them. I wholeheartedly recommend Kyle at Tankless Experts for any water heater/HVAC work needed.

Greg • Toronto, Ontario