Winters in Southern Ontario can be both brutal and lovely, days with falling snow and days with bright sunshine. But no matter how low the temperature drops, it doesn’t take much for tile or marble floors to feel icy cold on the bottoms of your feet. Thankfully, radiant in-floor heating is a perfect solution, and it does more than just keep your feet warm. Radiant heating wonderfully heats entire rooms from top to bottom and is perfect for rooms with vaulted ceilings that are usually difficult to keep warm. In-floor heating is a unique, economical, and clean option that gives homeowners and business owners optimal comfort and peace of mind.

How In-floor Heating Works

Radiant heating is versatile and can be installed in garages, basements, kitchens, or bathrooms. Through Uponor’s Radiant Ready system, radiant heating can be easily added to new construction, remodels, and retrofit projects. A mat is placed on the slab, and the PEX tubing is snapped into the designated knobs. A panel is installed on the wall that must be connected to the thermostat. Once the system is in operation, warm water flows through the PEX tubing to create heated floors that can be adjusted to your ideal temperature.

Benefits of In-floor Heating

Cost Savings

This high-quality heating system requires a little work on the front end, but continues providing rewards for years to come. The efficiency of radiant heating could dramatically lower your home or business’ heating bills. When installed in multiple rooms, the in-floor heating system can be customized to heat at different temperatures in different zones, which helps you save on heating costs.


In-floor heating is a wonderfully clean way to heat your home or business. Without the use of air and vents that blow dust and allergens throughout the home, radiant heating is a more comfortable and tidy way to keep your rooms properly heated. An added bonus: you can decorate your home without vents and bulky radiators dictating where you place your furniture.


With in-floor heating, it is less likely you’ll waste energy and negatively add to your ecological footprint. Radiant heating is able to generate heat evenly without using more energy than is necessary. Because the system heats from the bottom up, sometimes you can heat rooms at a temperature lower than you’re used to with traditional radiator systems, because it distributes heat more evenly. In addition to air pollution, radiant heating reduces noise pollution, as this form of heating is completely silent.

Outdoor Use

Radiant heating can even be installed in driveways and walkways for an efficient and safe snow-removal method. Imagine eliminating the need for shoveling sidewalks and reducing the chances of accidents on icy surfaces. Perfect for both homes and businesses, this system warms concrete or asphalt through PEX tubing installed under the surface. A water-and-glycol mixture then flows through the tubes, melting ice and snow. It can be set on an automated run or can be powered on manually.

Radiant in-floor heating can be a wonderful addition to your home or business, providing safe and economical heating that will feel extravagant. With a perfectly silent and clean mode of operation, it will be a seamless transition to a beautiful new way of heating your rooms. With an unmatched efficiency, providing years of cost and energy savings, you’ll be glad you made the switch to radiant heating.

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